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Cursillo Team Membership Requirements

Dear Brother/Sister:
The purpose of this note is to provide you with the qualifications for being able to serve as a team member:
1)You must be living the movement by being active in all phases of the movement. This means regular grouping, attendance at Ultreyas, attempting to sponsor people for the weekend, and attending Clausuras at the end of weekends.
2) It must have been a full year since you made your own Cursillo weekend. The purpose of this requirement is to eliminate those who have participated on a weekend and then found their apostolate elsewhere.
3) Cursillo should be your apostolate. In other words, you should be continuing to learn about the Cursillo methodology and how to more effectively communicate it to others. You accomplish this by attending the School of Leaders (SoL).
The School is a community within a community of the leaders of the movement; Cursillistas dedicated to using the Cursillo methodology to spread the Gospel. The SoL is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the movement and educating the community in the Cursillo way. It is the place where issues are discussed and a consensus formed on changes and improvements to our movement in Northern Alabama that are taken to the Secretariat for implementation.
Meetings are held in the morning of the second Saturday of each month—rotating between Cullman (the Combined SoL), Huntsville and Birmingham (the Satellite SoLs), and also a “remote” SOL (teleconference) held in the evening once a month. All Cursillistas are invited to become a member of the SoL if they are living the movement (grouping and attending Ultreya as described above). One joins the SoL simply by attending the meetings. Information on where the current meetings of the SoLs will be held can be found at

Therefore, Cursillistas are considered “qualified” to serve on a Cursillo 3 Day Weekend team if it has been more than a year since their own weekend, are active in all phases of the movement (Grouping and Ultreya) and also are participating in Combined, Satellite or Remote SoL meetings at least six times in a year. Also, if participation of a Cursillista is primarily through the Remote SoL, that Cursillista needs to also have physically attended at least one Combined or Satellite SoL meeting once a quarter during the year as well.
It is national Cursillo policy that all team members come from the School of Leaders.Therefore, if you are interested in serving on a team, reflect on whether you are fully qualified, and if so, please feel free to go on to the diocesan Cursillo website ( and fill out a team application to express your interest in being a team member in the future.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand forever.

The Cursillo Secretariat

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