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De Colores!

Welcome to all Catholic Christians, both Cursillistas who have lived a three-day Cursillo
weekend and those of you that have not. The charism/essence of the Cursillo
Movement is Friendship, without it we would just be another retreat centered event.
Our worldwide movement is recognized by the Catholic Church and our founder,
Eduardo Bonin, has a case in the review process for possible sainthood.
This is the 50 th year of Cursillo in the diocese of Birmingham, AL. Unfortunately, we will
not have a celebration this year due to the COVID-10 pandemic. Stay tuned for a
celebration event in 2021. What can you do in the meantime? PRAY! If you are a
Cursillista, pray for the movement and discern if the Holy Spirit is calling you to sponsor
a candidate to live a weekend. If you are not a Cursillista, consider making a weekend.
The dates for the next weekends are located on this website under the tab 3-day
experience. Seek out a Cursillista in your parish. If you do not know of anyone, ask
your Pastor or Deacon.
My personal background: I am happily married to my wife, Kathi for 40 years. We both
lived our Cursillo weekends in 1994. We have five adult children and six grandchildren,
ages 2 to 10. We are very active in our parish, Good Shepherd in Huntsville.
The greatest need of our movement in our diocese is more candidates to attend 3-day
weekends. Please consider sponsoring or becoming a candidate. St. Augustine states
that Catholics are an Easter people. As Catholic Cursillistas, I believe we are a
Pentecostal community – called by the Holy Spirit to take ACTION.


If you have any questions, please contact me at: ksutton@hiwaay.net

Kevin Sutton

Lay Director