Birmingham Cursillo Event Calendar 2023

Meeting DateMeeting TypeLocationTechnique Talk ChapterTechnique Talk PresenterNotes
1/14/2023In-Person OnlySt. Elizabeth, GardendaleLM 8,12Bill D.
2/11/2023In-Person OnlySt. Elizabeth, GardendaleLM 4,5Lucy A.
3/11/2023In-Person OnlyTBDLM 13John S.Gardendale not available, last
mtg before Women's 142
4/15/2023In-Person OnlySt. Elizabeth, GardendaleLYN IntroductionRosalie G.Holy Saturday on second
Saturday, move to third
Saturday of month
5/13/2023In-Person OnlySt. Thomas, MontevalloLYN 1Allen S.
6/10/2023In-Person OnlyHoly Spirit, TuscaloosaLYN 2Tom B.
7/8/2023OFF - No Meeting Summer BreakNANANA
8/12/2023In-Person OnlyMercy Parish, MadisonLYN 3Mark B.Last mtg before Men's 143
9/9/2023In-Person OnlySt. Elizabeth, GardendaleLYN 4Kevin S.
10/14/2023Grand UltreyaShrine Blessed Sacrament, HancevilleNANABill D. to confirm
11/11/2023In-Person OnlySt. Elizabeth, GardendaleLYN 5John K.
12/9/2023OFF - No Meeting - Secretariat RetreatTBDNANABill D. to provide