[stb id=”GForms” Caption=” Welcome to Your Fourth Day (Postcursillo)!”]

Welcome to your Fourth Day (Postcursillo)!

The primary objective of the Fourth Day (Postcursillo) is help each person find his or her own place in the Church and the world and for postcursillo to provide them the means to persevere in living the Christian life.  The process of the postcursillo  involves both individual and community aspects, as the basic aim is not for an individual to try to know more or to do more but to be more so that the whole person is renewed interiorly and progressively each day in line with their charisms and the apostolic opportunities that surround them daily. Combined with the Group Reunion and Ultreya, the Cursillista has the means through which they might be able to persevere in their efforts  to become an apostle. (The Postcursillo, Group Reunion and Ultreya).[/stb][stb id=”GForms” Caption=”Current Message from the Postcursillo Chair”]

Current Message from the Postcursillo Chair

I pray you are well and living your 4th day in the service of God.  Remember the Holy Spirit will always give you strength and courage.  Pray daily for the graces you need to be one of God’s servants.  Remember to GROUP weekly, attend ULTREYA monthly and attend the SCHOOL OF LEADERS as a means of learning more about the movement.  I encourage you to pray and discern about serving on a team for a Cursillo Weekend and bring others closer to CHRIST.

2020 Goals and Objectives

1) Improve communication between Secretariat and Cursillista 
       Continued revision/improvement of communication methods for upcoming events/reminders
       Continued improvement in support of Three Day weekend documents access
 2) Strengthen Ultreyas
       Visit existing Ultreyas–Q&A for purpose of Ultreya and authentic format
       Strengthen current Ultreyas within the diocese
       Conduct Ultreya Facilitator Training
 3) Strengthen connection of Cursillistas to larger Movement
       Encourage participation in Regional and National Encounters
 4) Provide opportunities to grow in friendship and love of Christ
       Dates for Regional Encounter and Grand Ultreya will be posted soon.  


As a Cursillista our main objective is “to increase and continue the conversion process, and to live what is fundamental for being a Christian throughout one’s life.” (Leaders’ Manual, US Catholic Cursillo Movement)As the Post-Cursillo Chair, it is my privilege to have the responsibility to help each Cursillista in the Diocese of Birmingham strive to renew, accelerate and continue your quest to come to see Christ more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly so you are able to more fully live out your baptismal call to assist in building up the Body of Christ. To this end, I challenge you to continue using the Cursillo methodology to its fullest by grouping weekly, and attending Ultreya and School of Leaders monthly.> 

Please remember that you are in my prayers daily.  If there is anything I can do to help you live out your Fourth Day more fully, please do not hesitate to contact me. glakeproperties@hotmail.com or call (205) 292-3547.



George Lake

Post-Cursillo Chair