Some Common Questions and Answers about Precursillo

[stb id=”GForms” Caption=”  Common Questions”]I just LOVED my Cursillo weekend, and I think every Catholic needs to go on one. What should I do?

Live out the Fourth Day joyfully. Be an example of Christian discipleship in your daily life. Inspire others to ask you about why you are so joyful, and share with them how the Cursillo weekend and subsequently living out the Fourth Day is a fundamental part of living out your life of discipleship.

I know someone who I think would really enjoy being a part of the Cursillo Movement. What should I do?

  1. Read the Cursillo Movement’s “Sponsor Booklet” (blue booklet) so you are aware of the responsibilities that are a part of “making a friend, being a friend, and bringing a friend to Christ.”
  2. Make it a point to “be a friend” to the person you think would enjoy being a part of the Movement.
  3. Share with your group brothers (or sisters) about this person and ask them to pray for them (and you).

I have talked to a friend about Cursillo and they have expressed interest in learning more. What should I do next?

Give your friend a copy of Cursillo: What is it? (purple booklet). Let them know you are available to talk more and/or answer questions. Also, let your group know that your friend is learning more and that you may be inviting them to come to a grouping in the near future. Finally, continue to pray and offer palanca for your friend.

My friend just finished reading the Cursillo: What is it? booklet, and is still interested in Cursillo. What’s next?

Invite them to come to your next grouping! Plus, before your next group meeting, go to the Application page of the Cursillo Birmingham website, and then print out and take a candidate application with you to your next grouping to give to your friend. And don’t forget to keep praying and offering palanca!

My friend just came to grouping, and I gave them an application for the Cursillo weekend. What should I do now?

  1. Follow up with your friend and get back their completed application.
  2. Once you have your friend’s completed application in hand, complete your sponsor application.
  3. Get your pastor to sign the completed candidate application.
  4. At this time, you may notify the Precursillo chair of the processing application using a preliminary application email. (i.e. a notice that a completed application is now pending pastor approval) This email should include the name of candidate and of the sponsor, the sponsor’s phone number and also what parish the candidate is a member.
  5. Once you have gotten the pastor’s signature, you need to MAKE A COPY of the completed and signed application, then you can either a) scan and email; b) fax or c) mail the completed application to the Precursillo Chair.
  6. You should receive an email confirmation of receipt of the application within two weeks. If not, please contact the Precursillo Chair to make sure application has been received.
  7. Once the application has been turned in, help prepare your friend to attend the weekend by continuing to answer any more questions, have them keep participating in grouping, and, as the weekend gets closer, make arrangements to drive them to the Cursillo weekend location.
  8. Also make sure that your friend keeps learning about living out the Fourth Day and how the Cursillo Movement supports the Fourth Day through group reunion, Ultreya and School of Leaders, and the opportunity to participate in all of those after the weekend.
  9. And don’t forget to keep praying and offering palanca!

It’s been less than a year since I made my Cursillo weekend. Should I ask someone to become part of the Cursillo movement and go to a weekend?

The answer is yes! Definitely share with people about the Movement and ask them to consider going to a weekend. However, if it has been less than a year since attending your own Cursillo weekend, you will need one of your group brothers (or sisters) to Co-Sponsor the candidate for the weekend. (Just simply list both names on the Sponsor Application when you fill it out.)

Who can go on a Cursillo weekend?

People of all socio-economic levels and from a variety of backgrounds are able to participate. The suitable candidate, besides being a baptized Catholic must also be able to receive the sacraments. The potential candidate must read the booklet,Cursillo: What is it? before submitting an application.

I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now, would a Cursillo weekend be good for them?

The Cursillo weekend is NOT a cure-all for those with “spiritual” problems; individuals who have psychological or emotional problems; or those whose moral lives are so disoriented that they are incapable of understanding the message or of living out the Cursillo Fourth Day. It is imperative that you know your candidate well and pray for direction from the Holy Spirit. Talk to God about your candidate before you talk to your candidate about God.




Sabine Wlodarski
Pre-Cursillo Chair