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 The purpose of the Ultreya is to root the results of the 3 Day Cursillo in the soil of perseverance and ongoing formation so that piety, study and action can be encouraged and evaluated while fostering an atmosphere of unity which is necessary for diocesan and parish communities to be dynamic and radiate their Christian fervor and zeal.
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Ultreya Point of Contacts Listing

Ultreya Witness Talk Instructions


Ultreya Facilitator Information Briefing

Cursillo Monthly Reports


Ultreya Format

(Sample Ultreya Agenda Jan-15 PDF–for use by Ultreya leaders/facilitators)

There are 6 elements suggested for Ultreya:

  1. Prayer – We begin and end every Ultreya with an acknowledgement that without Christ we can do nothing
  2. Floating Group Reunion – This enables each person to experience how others are striving in their own spiritual and evangelistic growth; it helps those who do not have a “friendship group reunion” to find theirs.
  3. Witness Talk  – The Cursillista elaborates on how he or she strives to live what is fundamental for being Christian. He or she explains how they incorporate the love of God, their neighbor and the world into their Christian life. (For an overview and guidance regarding the Witness Talk, see the Ultreya Witness Talk Overview link above)
  4. Echo – This is a brief sharing that provides an echo to the witness talk that has been presented. These should help awaken a desire amongst the other participants to go forth and do likewise.
  5. Spiritual Advisors Summation – If a Spiritual Advisor is present, then this is the time for them to put the witness and echos in proper perspective with the Gospel.
  6. Music–may be included in different parts of the Ultreya–i.e. opening and/or closing songs.

Another possibility for the Ultreya is to incorporate a visit to the Blessed Sacrament at the opening or closing as part of prayer.