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A Cursillo Leader is a dedicated apostle; a person who puts all of his/her abilities in the service of Christ. 
Pope Pius VI wrote: 
“They must be mature Catholics, convinced of their faith, solidly instructed in the ways of religion, sincerely devoted to the Church, and in particular to this Supreme Apostolic See, and the Vicar of Christ on earth; persons of genuine piety, of manly virtues, of clean habits, of a life so blameless that they may serve as an effective example to all.”
There are two groups of leaders who work together in a unified way within the Cursillo Movement–the Secretariat and the School of Leaders (SoL). Both of these groups are diocesan-level organizations, but both structures exist to serve and support the Ultreyas that are spread throughout the diocese.
The Secretariat is a group of leaders who are responsible for the proper functioning of the School of Leaders and the whole Movement in a diocese. It ensures that School fulfills what it is commissioned to in each of the essential phases of the Movement: the PreCursillo, Cursillo, and PostCursillo. It ensures the unity in the message and the freedom of the Cursillistas. Each diocesan Secretariat is to be affiliated with the National Cursillo Movement (Cursillo Leaders Manual, p. 23).
The School of Leaders (SoL)  is the working arm of the Secretariat. The SoL provides a place for continual growth adn understanding of the Church and the Movement for those Cursillistas that have chosen to make the Cursillo Movement as their apostolate. One is not a leader because one belongs the SoL, rather one belongs to the SoL because one is a leader of Christianity.( Cursillo Leaders Manual, p. 24) 


Follow the links below to reach the information regarding the governing and operating documents for the Cursillo Movement in the Birmingham diocese:

 Job Descriptions for Available Secretariat Positions 2015


Secretariat Positions available for Nominations 2015


Bylaws of the Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama


Cusillo_By_Laws_8-12-13  for the Diocese of Birmingham Alabama

Nomination Procedures for Secretariat Members

Nomination Procedures for Cursillo Secretariat Positions