The primary purpose of Precursillo is the study of environments and the searching of influential persons within those environments in order to assist in accomplishing the purpose of the Cursillo Movement–to vertebrae Christianity by leavening of environments with the Gospel. As part of this purpose, Precursillo is also responsible for preparation of the persons who will attend the 3-day Cursillo, with a view toward a perennial living of the Cursillo in the Postcursillo. (Cursillo Leader’s).


Greetings to My Cursillo Family,

As you know,  “Making a Friend, Being a Friend and Bringing a Friend to Christ” is more than just inviting someone to attend a Cursillo Weekend, submitting the application, and delivering  them to the weekend.  Team members on the past two weekends noticed that  those Candidates who had more contact with Sponsors  prior to the weekend appeared to have a more engaging and fulfilling weekend and had an easier transition toward their 4th-Day experience and Grouping. 

In addition to processing Candidate applications, as pre Cursillo Chair, I am to ensure that both Sponsors and Candidates are qualified and prepared for the weekend.  I am noticing that as Sponsors we need to be better prepared when it comes  to going over the application form with our Candidates and addressing  the  $25 application fee and remaining cost for the weekend.  A gentle suggestion would be to have the answers to two questions:

  1. Will we as Sponsor, Group or Ultreya automatically pay the application fee or do so only if this is a hardship to the Candidate?

  2. Where will we obtain the money if the weekend fee  is a hardship for the Candidate?


Once we have the answers, we will be better prepared to address the money issue should the Candidate voice that they are unable to submit an application fee or pay the remaining fee.  At this time we could suggest monthly installments, partial payments with supplemental support or full support if needed.   Most Candidates are very open to discussing what their choices are concerning payment and are interested in contributing toward the expense of the weekend.


It is imperative that this be resolved  PRIOR to the weekend so there is no confusion or apprehension for the Candidate during the weekend.  As of the April Women’s Weekend, full payment will be required upon Thursday evening check-in, whether it be made by Candidate, Sponsor, or Ultreya.

Tentative date for next Cursillo weekend  is August 14-17 2014; however, this date will not be confirmed nor gender designated until there are at least 20 confirmed applications on file.

In closing, be assured that should you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to email or call; contact information below.

“May the Lord bless you and take care of you; May the Lord be kind and gracious to you; May the Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.”   Numbers 6:22-26 


Rosalie Geoffroy – Pre Cursillo Chair